Do you have a clear plan for your success?
Is it realistic or based in hope?
Do you know the difference between a plan and a strategy?

In this video Stu & Rich discuss the importance of having dynamic plans, and the ability to continuously change based on market feedback.
As well as having plans that can change as a response to stimuli, they clarify the distinction between a plan and a strategy, and why both are important for success.

Yours in success
Stu & Rich
Founders of Make it BIG training

2 thoughts on “Is Your Plan Realistic

  1. Cheryl

    Loved your video, great information. I’m back from the Wellness Summit truly inspired to complete my business plan and will take your information and immediately implement it.
    Also I want you to know I’ll be completing your Complete Life Wellness & Health Check, it sounds interesting.

    Oh, and something I wrote down from one of my Eben Pagan’s training sessions – “When you get an idea, don’t sit on it. Take action. Once you do it, learn from it, understand what works and understand what doesn’t.” This was all about testing, not perfecting. When you try to perfect you are really procrastinating. Testing allows you to work out the bugs, get rid of them and concentrate on delivering what the customer wants. I thought that was wound advice.

    Cheers, Cheryl Mead

    • Stu Hayes

      Thank you for your feedback Cheryl – I really love what you and Brett are moving towards with your business and hope that we can serve youin some small way with these resources!
      I look forward to meeting you again soon.

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