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Stuart Hayes interviews Masterchef George Calombaris and Socceroo legend Craig Moore during a Careers Unplugged LIVE event hosted by Melbourne Victory.

Take a leaf out of Melbourne Victory’s book and run a Careers Unplugged LIVE event for your club, group, clients or charity.

The purpose of Careers Unplugged LIVE is to provide value to both the audience, guests interviewed and the hosting club or group. Here’s how it all unfolds:

  1. Careers Unplugged host Stu Hayes interviews selected guests and about their career and life journeys and focuses on themes that are most relevant to the group – it allows the group to better learn about successful supporters, sponsors or sports stars they are involved with or to invite ‘famous friends’ who are open to making a contribution.
  2. The focus of interviews will vary depending on each group’s interests. As an example:
    career transition, life beyond sport or making career decisions are great topics for sports clubs with younger players or schools;
    how did you get started, how do you navigate through tough times or uncertainty to grow or focusing on an common technical topic are great ideas for business or industry specific groups.
  3. Interviews are recorded and published on Careers Unplugged, allowing your club or group to have your own Careers Unplugged episode.
  4. Following interviews, Stu will either:
    – facilitate a discussion or a panel Q&A session to dive deeper into the themes that emerged from the interviews
    – conduct a speed networking activity to help ensure all participants get their chance to network, share and connect; or alternatively,
    – share from his own  experiences, focusing on either the key insights he has learned interviewing Olympians, sports stars, business leaders and celebrities as host of Careers his expertise, on his advice and tips as a change specialist CEO, business coach & leadership trainer or the things he did to become a CEO at a young age.

In all cases, Careers Unplugged LIVE is designed to add value in an engaging, educational and entertaining way.

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"the feedback we got from our team mates was great, and on a personal level the two biggest things I got out of it were from the interviews and then from talking to the sponsors who attended. The message was clear - get started now and to learn from experience."
Adrian Leijer
Melbourne Victory Football Club Player and Event Host
"The event provided me with great insight to start preparing to make a transition from being a footballer towards life after football one day."      
Leigh Broxham
Melbourne Victory Football Club Player & Event Host
"the event was extremely well run.  Many companies from the top 100 ASX were present – and from invitation to planning, to execution, the event was first class. To the team and those who led it, a job well done.  The players will really benefit from the leadership shown"
Rick Khinda
Director Marketing and Communications