Spiritual Intelligence Author, Cindy Wigglesworth with Careers Unplugged
Cindy Wigglesworth is the best-selling & award winning author of
“SQ21:The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence”, as well as the creator of the “SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment” that prominent CEOs are identifying as “the next frontier in leadership.”

Not surprisingly, she is also a sought after consultant, speaker & media personality, appearing on Oprah, PBS, Fox,TEDX, many radio programs and conferences… and now with Stu & Rich on Careers Unplugged!

Don’t miss this episode in which Cindy shares her journey and how she ‘feels’ her career path!

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spritual Intelligence Whitepaper by Cindy Wigglesworth
Like to learn more…

If you are wondering what Spiritual Intelligence really means and how it fits alongside IQ, EQ or PQ…
or if you are wondering why is it that Spiritual Intelligence is important to leaders or anyone at all!!! Then click on the images access these great member only bonuses from Cindy

Why is it important?

Why Spiritual Intelligence Matters by Cindy Wigglesworth

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