Do you want more influence at work or at home?
Do you want to be able to sell, or sell your point of view?
Do you want to write powerful promotional messages, resumes or simply have people tame more interest in what you are offering?

Excellent! Is you answered yes to any of these then this video is for you!
In this video Rich looks at the power of understanding Problem-Solution marketing.
Whether you are writing an advertisement, copy for your website,or simply trying to convince your kids to tidy their bedroom, you are in sales!

You are trying to influence someone else, by either written or spoken words.
Getting another party to “buy in” to what you are saying (or selling) means that they have to understand the problem you are solving.

People do not buy products or services, they buy solution to problems. Thus part of your job is letting them know that they have the problem (and that you can offer a solution!)

Rich also covers the 3 major types of problems –
YOU problems, (thus the wording of the promotion will clearly say to YOU have this problem, – look at this text in fact, have YOU ever written. have YOU ever tried!!.. get the point!)

WE problems (thus the wording will state that WE have a certain problem)
and THEY problems ( a friend of mine has a problem and this product was able to solve it!)

Rich also discusses the power of emotions in the buying process. There are various emotions that drive people to buy. Most of us buy with emotions and justify with logic.

For example, you buy a new car because it FEELS great, you then justify because it has twin airbags!
You might buy the new car because of pride (what others will think of you) or Pleasure (it feels good) but the most powerful buying emotion is PAIN! YOU might buy the car to remove pain-your existing car is rubbish, broken down, embarrassing or too slow!!

Yours in success
Stu & Rich

One thought on “How To Grab Their Attention

  1. Another great video! This is a very informative video on copy writing. I like the part where you say “people will easily buy a cure to an existing problem than do something to prevent the problem”. Well said!

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