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Do you have dreams, goals or unfulfilled potential?

Challenges, patterns or situations that are blocking your progress?

Stu & Rich

The purpose of a customised Business Coaching Program or Career Coaching Program is to help you identify the series of steps that will allow you to:

• Clarify where you are in life, your real starting point & where you are at, and your current direction
• Establish what you truly want and what is important to you;
• Determine who you are capable of being (your potential);
• Assess whether you are aiming too high or too low
• Understand who you need to be, in order to achieve your goals; and
• Identify the steps you need to take to get there and the sequence in which to take them.

Programs are delivered by Melbourne business coach Stuart Hayes, and are designed in a ‘hands-on,  practical way, using the approaches of successful people from all walks of life, including our guests on Careers Unplugged.

Best of all… not only can you can undertake coaching in format, LIVE self-coaching events with Stuart Hayes are also offered from time to time, in which you are guided to “coach yourself”  in an interactive format.

So what does all of this mean?!?

If you have dreams, goals or unfulfilled potential
or if you have challenges or patterns that are blocking your progress
and would like to move forward with confidence and clarity…

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