If you don’t know what you want, how can anyone else?
How can anyone or anything else, the universe or divine spirit, help you if you cant be clear within yourself? Not even telepathy will help if your mind is a blank on the subject!

You have to have massive, emotional wants and needs to achieve anything BIG, because nearly everything worthwhile takes effort, and if you don’t want it enough, you will not put in the effort.

It cannot be a whim, or passing desire. It has to be emotionally tied to the core of your being.

Think about the athlete who trains all day, every day for years on end, for the chance to to compete for a gold medal, or the finals of their chosen sport. They have to really, really, REALLY want it to put in the effort required to get to the finish line in first place. It takes commitment, energy, effort, perseverance and time and practice to create the result.

No one puts in that effort unless they truly, truly, TRULY want it!

Think about when YOU have done something you love or enjoy, and you’re totally engrossed in the task. OBSESSED EVEN! You love it! You ARE it! You are totally absorbed BY it!

Think about how you felt? Were you bored? I don’t think so!
You were enthusiastic weren’t you? Think about your energy levels and the effort you put into the task…..Now think about the result you got? Good or good?

Think about the results you get when you DON’T like what you are doing!
When you are bored, disconnected, or generally not engaged in the task.

Now compare the two?

Take a look at your list of things you want more money FOR. Take the top 3 only, and write down the reasons WHY you want them! WHY!!!

How it would make you feel if you HAD it, or achieved it, or were it, and what specific benefits having or achieving this thing would give you?

You need to be specific, for example:

“I want an overseas holiday with my spouse & kids every year, because I work so hard in everyday life, that I don’t get enough time at home with them, and having quality time together would invigorate our relationships and allow us to truly enjoy each others company, and allow us more time for laughter, joy and happiness, that would refresh and energize me. So when I return, I would have more focus and energy for work, which would increase my productivity and my results, (Income, rewards and so on!)

Write down what it is. Why you want it and what it would give you….Please list specific benefits!

You should be able to do this easily if you are coming from a place of spirit, or genuine enthusiasm and passion. If you have to think about it too much, you have to ask yourself what rating you gave it? It may be a 5, but not a 10! Tens flow easily like.. “are you kidding me, if I had this I would be awesome because blah blah blah.. and so on.

Notice your top 3 purposes for having more money or wealth?
Ask yourself if YOU have an “absolute have to have this, 10/10, emotional reason for having it”, or are your ratings are a little lower?

Now come back to your list!

If you only have 5/10s on your list, your list of wants or purpose, then that’s all you will get! Five out of 10 (5/10)

If your purpose is only 5/10, your reason for having it is only 5/10. Your enthusiasm will be 5/10, your energy will be 5/10, your ACTIONS will be 5/10 and guess what, your RESULTS will only be 5/10! It’s the power of purpose! You will get what you AIM FOR!

Let’s say you FIND or CREATE something that you are absolutely passionate about having, being or doing. Something that inspires, and motivates you in a way that you simply must have it, no matter what! Well, now your purpose is 10/10, your enthusiasm or passion is 10/10, your ENERGY level comes up to 10/10, your actions are 10/10 and guess what happens to your results – 10/10!

If you don’t have a 10/10 reason or purpose for wanting more money, success and wealth in you life, you will not get it! You simply will not have enough REASON to put in the effort required to get the RESULTS you need or want.

Because the WHAT & WHY lead you to find the HOW!
The HOW do it? How to achieve it? How do to get the things in your life you say you want in your life!

Know your WHAT & WHY and the HOW will come to you!

Remember this: Clarify is power- make all direction in your life crystal clear!
If you can see it clearly. Then you can aim for it.
Communicate it. Be it, and achieve it!

If your mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it!

Yours in success

Stu & Rich
Make It Big Training

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