Recently we explored how powerful it is to ask friends and family what it is you are great at, because this is a useful stepping stone in the path to identifying your life path! Now it is time to ask an even better expert – YOU!

Now, before we begin, when we talk about “you” we are talking about your biggest, highest self.The person who is bulletproof, can fly faster than a speeding bullet and is more powerful than a locomotive… not the one who gets taken out by fears and junk from inside your mind.

Now, whilst this might seem straight forward, the answer is not one most people’s minds are actually ready, or even equipped, to work out.

Identifying your calling in life is something your highest self knows, which is why you need to ‘feel’ the answer with your heart – and that in itself is something to enjoy!

You were born to be great!

Stu & Rich

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